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The retail industry thrives to please the customers. From adapting to the use of new technologies to doing in-depth research on wh
With the technology playing a greater role in the new age shoppers, SPAR Hypermarket conducted a case study in partnership with Vi
India is a country of fashion-loving millennials who love to wear the latest colours, trends and styles. To capitalize on this str
Three reliable strategies – good merchandise, offers and simple transactions – have brought glory to brick and mortar retail s
Customer experience is the most crucial and perplexing part of any company’s business strategy. Market dynamics and changing cus
Online shopping is now a big part of a consumers’ life. From food to groceries to apparel, and furniture everything can be deliv
Customers are an intrinsic part of the retail sector and good customer service is a fundamental driver of retention. However, to g
Numbers play a vital role in any business. From the number of stores to number of customers to profits made, etc. numbers are the
Get this. Customers don’t buy your products or services; they buy the promise of how it will make them feel. In an increasingly
Established in 2004 in India at Bengaluru the team at TESCO in India work towards fulfilling few basic goals that includes standar
From being a wholesaler for salwar suits to being one of the most well-accepted brands in the category of Indian wear for women to
Customers play an important role in any business. They have the power to make or break any business enterprise as its success is c