PHYGITS – A unique video case study platform showcasing technology deployments in retail

Changing business dynamics have seen most retailers leverage technology to grow their businesses and create a better customer experience, in-store and online. Their aim is to provide multiple tech-led touch points to help buyers make purchases seamlessly, receive recognition and get uninterrupted services.

New concepts are currently being adopted in the business, including omni-channel / Phygital commerce, AI, chatbots, loyalty across channels, endless aisles, self-service kiosks, IoT, blockchain and robotics. Global technology companies are ready with solutions based on these concepts to add greater value to a retailer’s digital transformation journey.

However, not many retailers are aware how they can use these technologies to gain a competitive edge and accelerate their growth.
The answer to this dilemma is to PHYGITS – A unique video case study platform which showcases technology deployment by retailers across business function. The platform features 50 top digital transformation initiatives undertaken by leading Indian retailers. PHYGITS’ inclusive agenda covers various retail formats and functional areas where tech-led innovation has resulted in a paradigm shift in a retailer’s competitive capabilities.

PHYGITS is positioned as the one-stop reference platform for retailers to get first-hand insights on validated used cases of tech deployment. By seeing how their peers benefited by installing various systems and solutions, they, too, can take a well-informed business decisions.

Power of Collaboration
SPAR Hypermarkets found that innovation begins when one puts the customer at the center of every technology strategy, and paves the way for the entire retail ecosystem to grow collaboratively.
Lenskart 1st cut
Ushering The Era of Personalization
Eyewear retailer, Lenskart, personalized different aspects of its customer’s online shopping journey using technology, an approach that directly boosted its bottom line.
Becoming the Google of shopping malls
FoodBox, a personalized mobile app where customers could choose cuisine, order online and pay. It saved time, queues & workforce cost.