November – December 2019

Lenskart today is regarded as the leading e-commerce brand for eyewear. Since the start, it has revolutionised the eyewear industr
A$4.64 billion company, Skechers USA, Inc. is a global leader in the performance and lifestyle footwear category. Apart from the U
Mayank Bhardwaj, Head of Analytics and Customer Development, speaks about the varied ways in which Milkbasket employs technology t
The AI-powered retail personalization revolution helps retailers transition into a world where consumers are always connected and
Technological empowerment is an inevitable aspect of the advancement of human race. This combined with man’s power to deduce inn
Homegrown western wear brand, FabAlley- that is by and for modern millennial multitasking women has launched a Fab new campaign to –The smartphone and laptop repair start-up company gave all its customers a Diwali present by officially launching t
The biggest challenge for Veda Labs was not just about creating a software solution that could harness the potential of CCTV foota
Modular ghost kitchens is now a reality thanks to Kitchen Podular. Food service providers are reinventing the way in which they do
Arecent report by Tillster highlights that globally 25% of restaurant customers use a self-ordering kiosk at a restaurant almost e
Digital signage, in short are digital displays that showcase ads or messages for the targeted audience. It is a new age signage sy
With more than 500 million users frequenting Instagram on a daily basis, this medium has become one of the most plausible foregrou
Aretailer has to abide by stringent compliances when operating his business within the retail space. There are labour laws at play
Last mile delivery, to simply put is the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination. In case of
UK’s John Lewis piloted StyleMe Virtual Fashion mirrors to provide customers with a virtual way to try on clothes. Following sui
With a vision to ‘Digitise India by digitising the point of sale for businesses’, ePaisa is working to ensure that accepting p
To simply put, POS refers to Point Of Sale or the place where your customer completes their transactions in order to take home the
The divide that separates the online from the offline space has long been blurred, now it is closing corners through epic technolo
Shopping, or the storefront, today is agnostic of the medium through which it takes place, be it a physical store, a desktop PC, a