Eating in McDonald’s is not just going to be a fun eating experience for QSR major’s customers but also a futuristic one as th
For years now, most retail industries have been adapting to digitization in order to survive the ever-growing competition. Every w
In 2010, Bestseller, a leading Danish clothing brand, decided to appoint Vineet Gautam as the CEO and Country Head of its India op
Celio, a leading menswear brand in France since 1985, made its way into the Indian retail industry in 2008. In less than three yea
The idea started off as an online portal by two young men from IIM Bangalore, Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa, with only a few furn
Brick and mortar retailer are redefining themselves for the new era, learning ways to embrace the online ways because that is wher
Social media has become an intricate part of our lives. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc. most of us check it at l
Aloyalty program still remains a great way to identify, track, reward, recognize and retain customers, especially in the retail in
Manpower and technological advancements are two important factors for any business and the retail industry is not any different. N
Akash Sharma’s love for meat made him search for a meat delivery app that would deliver his favourite meats within a matter of a
IoT or the Internet of Things has for long been a solution looking for a problem in the context of retail. Vendors offering IoT so
More has changed in retail in the last 10 years than in the previous 100 years. The industry is undergoing a revolution unmatched
The change in organizations is happening at an amazing pace in this digital era. Digital technologies like Cloud / Analytics / Mob
The advent of the Internet and Social Media has disrupted the way business is conducted. Every aspect of an enterprise’s demand
The Indian retail industry has been in turbo-mode ever since the e-commerce companies entered the space. The e-commerce wave has s
The retail industry thrives to keep up with the changing trends in their sector with the final goal of satisfying their patrons. F
Everyone loves shopping but getting the products that you want at a reduced price can make that experience more fun and enjoyable.
In 2016, three men formed an alliance to change the way India shops. They decided to launch an app that would help customers with
Customers are always reluctant to buy furniture online as they are not sure how it will go with the rest of the décor in their ho
The vision of becoming an omnichannel player was a natural step in SPAR’s journey towards becoming the most loved retail for the