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The retail industry thrives to please the customers. From adapting to the use of new technologies to doing in-depth research on what can help them retain their customers and bring in new ones, retailers go all out in order to ensure...
Numbers play a vital role in any business. From the number of stores to number of customers to profits made, etc. numbers are the mirrors that show you how well your business is doing. This is what data is and data...
Get this. Customers don’t buy your products or services; they buy the promise of how it will make them feel. In an increasingly digital world, the same logic applies. Forrester Research’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) has underlined the power of...
From being a wholesaler for salwar suits to being one of the most well-accepted brands in the category of Indian wear for women today, BIBA has managed to create a niche for itself in the industry. Setting a lot many ‘firsts’,...
Customers play an important role in any business. They have the power to make or break any business enterprise as its success is completely dependent directly on the profits made through sales to consumers. The customers today have changed drastically but...
It’s all about the customer
In this fast-paced environment, retailers are solely focused on giving customers what they want and for this they are using technology and data to understand their customers better
BIBA Bags Loyalty with Customer Centricity
After creating a niche in the Indian wear category, Biba will now also offer accessories to its customers
TESCO is digitally ready to connect the retail dots
TESCO in India has been employing the latest technology to support the conglomerate globally. Now it’s ready to code the digital game further with new-age innovations.
Leverage Emotions In The Digital World
Customer emotion is the strongest driver of customer loyalty across industries and many firms are ignorant to emotion in the digital world
Data mining for Superlative CX
Retailers are utilizing data across functions to provide better CX
Good EX results in better CX
Several retailers have started understanding the importance of EX as it directly impacts CX and are now investing in providing better EX
Your Order is Ready To Be Delivered
To provide superlative CX, retailers are implementing better and faster delivery systems
AI for providing better CX
Companies are using AI to understand customer behavior and predict the changes in the future
Customer Experience In The IoT Retail Store
The tech-savvy consumers have become accustomed to the instant gratification of the online world and expect the same out of brick and mortar stores
AI in the fashion industry
The idea of introducing AI is fashion industry is to achieve high sell-through rates, less unsold inventory, avoid stock-outs, among other benefits
Reducing order processing time by more than 50%
SPAR, in partnership with Vinculum Group, is trying to create a blend of physical and digital things to provide much more than just good customer experience
What Consumers Want?
The digital era has nearly erased the line between Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 consumers, however, preferences and research into the market is what makes retailers hit or miss their TG.
The spread of the internet, tons and tons of data, a millennial consumer class to cater to; in this incredibly exciting times, it was a proud moment for us to host the first ever Internet Commerce Summit,