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The retail industry thrives to please the customers. From adapting to the use of new technologies to doing in-depth research on what can help them retain their customers and bring in new ones, retailers go all out in order to ensure...
Technological empowerment is an inevitable aspect of the advancement of human race. This combined with man’s power to deduce innovative approaches, has given way to advanced technologies and sophisticated systems. Every brand today uses the power of technology to reinvent the...
With more than 500 million users frequenting Instagram on a daily basis, this medium has become one of the most plausible foreground for retail. Moreover, the way Instagram presents the posts, it becomes more interesting to browse products on the go....
To simply put, POS refers to Point Of Sale or the place where your customer completes their transactions in order to take home the purchase. POS terminals and systems including the software has evolved over the years and today it has...
Lenskart today is regarded as the leading e-commerce brand for eyewear. Since the start, it has revolutionised the eyewear industry all across the country with its omni-channel approach. From an ever-growing number of offline stores across major cities in the country...
A$4.64 billion company, Skechers USA, Inc. is a global leader in the performance and lifestyle footwear category. Apart from the US, the brand today is present in more than 170 countries in the world, including India. Skechers had a late entry...
Mayank Bhardwaj, Head of Analytics and Customer Development, speaks about the varied ways in which Milkbasket employs technology to give shape to a seamless delivery model via his app. He is focused on driving data driven decision making across the company...
Decoding store technologies
Recurring need to be relevant among the consumer has given birth to a deluge of technology and today all these technologies are finding diverse application in every retail outlet or brand outlet.
AI in Retail
Predictive analytics have been applied in retail for decades, but it’s within the last few years that AI has supercharged the speed, scale and cost at which it is being applied in retail industry.
Automating essential deliveries
Now ordering everyday items like milk, fruits, and the likes is even easier than you can imagine. Thanks to Milkbasket you can now order in just a click and use voice commands to navigate the app.
Power walk to success
Skechers stepped into the Indian soil in 2012. Initially the brand was approaching the Indian market according to global visions, now with Rahul Vira, CEO; Skechers South Asia leading the brand from the front for the past 5 years, Skechers is scoring new highs at every juncture.
Eyes on Business & Growth
Lenskart is a leading name in the Indian eyewear e-commerce category. Over the years it has not only proliferated the online territory but it has brought newer innovations offline to revive retail experiences.
Supply chains are evolving to be more agile and responsive
Technology support is maturing supply chain capabilities. With every passing day evolution is becoming an everyday phenomenon for the industry. Vikram Idnani, Sr. VP & Head - IT, Reliance Retail Ltd tells us how.
Adapting the technology path to walk ahead
Malls offer conventional retailing opportunities to brands, through the ‘touch and feel’ sales tactics. But to keep it up with the on-going technology trend they too are cutting it short on the online-offline barrier.
Coding retail experiences with perfection
Evolution of POS to support omni-channel customer experiences has brought about a paradigm shift. In conversation with Naresh Ahuja, Chairman and CEO, ETP we work backwards to understand how POS mechanism has modernised to better customer experiences.
Simplifying Retail Payments
ePaisa combines sophisticated machine learning with robust cloud computing to deliver the most user-friendly Point of Sale experience for multiple business types.
Mirroring a Change
According to a Juniper Research report, retailers are expected to invest US $2.5 billion globally to implement IoT technology in their stores by 2020. How is the Indian market prepping up to this change?
Connecting the Dots
Ever-changing face of retail, which is now structured as an omni-channel space is fast evolving and to support its evolving state logistics is also getting moulded to give rise to ‘within a few hours’ delivery options.
Complying with the Law
Launched in 2015, Simpliance is today India’s largest digital platform for Automated Statutory Compliance Management. In this era of omni-channel retail we speak to the founder & CEO of Simpliance Technologies, Anil Prem Dsouza to understand the varied facets of compliances.
Getting ‘Insta’ ready
The power of retail and attaining mindboggling sales numbers is not only restricted to the online or the offline paradigm, but it is also about the tools or medium you choose.