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C reaticity believes that the joy of co-creation comes alive through every customer who walks through their gates. They do not consider these customers as a head count but equate them as heartbeats. For them retail therapy is differentiated on knowledge,...
As intricate and as legendary as their namesake in Mahabarata, Kaunteya is a collection of finest quality tableware reflecting the vivid hues of India. Introduce Kaunteya to your home to live an art-inspired life. Find the most exquisite designs inspired by...
Tulika, the founder of Parrot & Lily says, it all starts with an idea. You can choose from the flawless collection that the brand has curated and acquired over time. Alternatively, since it’s bespoke, you could customize your ideal size, colour,...
Ravi Saxena, MD, Wonderchef has made cooking easy and stylish with their exceptional range of cookware and kitchen appliances. Wonderchef simplifies the concept of aesthetics and functionality and blends technology into designs to make each piece nothing short of a masterpiece....
The NITCO Group consists of NITCO Wall and Floor Tiles, NITCO Marble and NITCO Art (Mosaico and Intarsia). The brand’s prime vision is to continuously improve the quality and design of products and to constantly increase customer focus. Headquartered in Mumbai,...
Led by the largest in-house design team in the country in the furniture category and awarded with 34 India Design Mark Awards till date, Godrej Interio aims to transform spaces with its thoughtfully designed furniture to create brighter homes and offices...
Mr. Rajeram Agarwal, father of Sunil Agrawal can be credited for the foundation of Vinod Cookware. During the years as an employee of a popular cookware firm, he realized he is not tailored for the 9 to 5 job and he...
Customer retention is a raging idea at present, especially when people get distracted with every new offering and product. Every brand uniquely tries to keep their TG hooked to their brands so that ‘once a customer, can always stay as a...
Customer Centric
There is a thin line between grabbing the customer on the go to turn them into a new customer and retaining old customers. What’s the grind for the home industry?
Sleep Story
Just like good food has a direct connection to the heart, a good night’s sleep has a direct connection to our overall wellbeing. This is what Hush has been ensuring for years now.
Tradition meets utility
Vinod Cookware, established in 1962, has a turnover of Rs.180 crore. Sunil Agrawal, Director, Vinod Cookware, shares the future plans of the company.
Crafting solutions
Godrej Interio is India’s premium furniture brand in both home and institutional segments with a strong commitment to sustainability.
Breathing Heritage
From casual décor to custom designs, Bombay Store offers you a fantastic selection of artefacts, bedroom furnishings, home decor accessories, tableware, and a complete range of fashion accessories too. But what makes it unique is its identity.
Free flowing
Freedom Tree is all about concepts and creating new stories. The brand evolves with time and adds a spark of elegance deduced from evolving trends to your home.
Fashionable homes
Portico innovates and adds a fashionable touch to every home with its trendsetting designs and make. Here’s knowing the brand a tad bit closely.
Concrete Style
NITCO has been responsible for beautifying spaces since 1955. Holding on to strong innovation, customer policies, and product quality, the brand today is every homeowners’ favourite.
Cooking up a storm
German standards of quality, Italian designs, & constant innovation are the hallmarks of Wonderchef. They have brought global trends into Indian kitchens.
Furnishing a Trend
Incepted in 1986, Skipper Furnishings over the years has gained a very prominent foothold in India and is today the largest retail chain in the home furnishing category in India.
Structurally luxurious
With over 50 years in business Flexform has redefined the way in which the world looks at furniture, especially sofas. The form and the make both are unique and world-class.
Bespoke Forever
Tulika Bhatnagar has been reinventing the way in which people look at furniture. She is reviving and adding medieval touches to her creation and collection to make every piece as artisanal as possible.
To The Table
Fusing art with modern sensibilities, Sonal Jetha Founder of Kaunteya Tableware has been bringing a new appeal to tableware.